Samsung Galaxy handy mit Tv verbinden

Samsung Galaxy handy mit Tv verbinden

Mit viele Apps alle Filme der Video On Demand-Dienste auch auf dem Smartphone ansehen. Haben Sie kein Smart-TV oder keine Konsole, könnenIhre Samsung Galaxy S7 oder S6 etc. mit dem TV verbinden, um Filme auch auf dem großen Bildschirm ansehen zu können.

Wer die Videodaten nicht per WLAN auf das TV-Gerät übertragen will oder kann, kann das Samsung Galaxy Handy auch per HDMI mit dem Fernseher verbinden. Je nach Galaxy-Version wird dabei ein anderer Adapter benötigt. Der Adapter wird an den USB-Anschluss des Smartphones gesteckt. Die Verbindung zum Fernseher erfolgt über ein HDMI-Kabel.

Handy mit dem TV verbinden: Vom Smartphone auf den Fernseher ...
Handy mit dem TV verbinden: Vom Smartphone auf den Fernseher …

Sowohl der Stick als auch das Smartphone müssen sich im gleichen WLAN befinden. Der Stick wird ganz einfach an den HDMI-Anschluss im Fernseher gesteckt. Einmal verbunden, lässt sich der Bildschirm des Samsung-Smartphones duplizieren und auf den großen Fernseher bringen. Viele Apps wie YouTube bieten zudem bereits einen integrierten Button, über den sich die Verbindung von Samsung Galaxy und Fernseher schnell und einfach herstellen lässt.

Wollen Sie Ihre den Fire-TV-Stick mit dem Samsung-Galaxy-Gerät verbinden, zieht auf dem Homescreen den Finger von oben nach unten. Im neuen Menü findet sich die Option “Miracast”, über welches der Fire-TV gesucht werden kann. Gleichzeitig muss über das Haus-Symbol am Fire-TV-Gerät die entsprechende Funktion zum “Duplizieren” des Bildschirms ausgewählt werden.

Schnelle arbeiten am Computer mit Tastenkombinationen

Schnelle arbeiten am Computer mit Tastenkombinationen

Die meisten Programme kann man mit Tastenkombinationen viel schneller bedienen. Meisten Aktionen lässt sich durch Tastenkombinationen viel Zeit sparen. Ich erkläre Ihnen die wichtigsten Kombinationen für Windows, Office-Anwendungen wie Word sowie fürs Internet.


CTRL+C: Kopieren von Text oder Dateien.

CTRL+X: Ausschneiden Text oder Dateien.

CTRL+V: Einfügen von Text oder Dateien.

CTRL+P: Damit drucken Sie den Inhalt (z.B. eine Seite in Word oder İnternet)

CTRL+A: Hier wird alles auf der aktuellen Arbeitsebene markiert – beispielsweise alle Dateien in einem offenen Ordner.

CTRL+Z: Es macht die letzte Aktion oder beim Wiederholten drücken sogar mehrere rückgängig. Egal ob im Datei-Explorer der Textverarbeitung oder dem Grafikprogramm, die Kürzel gelten nahezu in allen Anwendungen und Desktop-Apps.

CTRL+S: Hiermit speichern Sie das aktuelle Dokument.

Alt+F4: Hiermit wird das offene Programm geschlossen.

Schnell zwischen Fenstern wechseln

Windows-Taste: Das Startmenü wird geöffnet.

Windows-Taste+Pfeil nach unten: Das aktuelle Fenster wird minimiert.

Windows-Taste+Pfeil nach oben: Das aktuelle Fenster wird maximiert.

Alt+Print Screen: Ein Screenshot des aktuell aktiven Fensters wird erzeugt.

Alt+Tab: Hiermit können Sie zwischen geöffneten Fenster wechseln. Halten Sie Alt gedrückt und mit jeder Berührung der Tab-Taste wird ein neues Fenster in den Vordergrund geholt.

Die besten Tasten-Kombinationen für schnelles Arbeiten
Print-Screen-Taste: Macht einen Screenshot des aktuellen Bildschirminhalts.

Schneller Surfen

CRTL+L: Die komplette Webadresse der aktuellen offenen Seite wird markiert (praktisch, um einen Link zu teilen).

CTRL+N: Ein neues Browser-Fenster wird geöffnet.

CTRL+T: Ein neuer Browser-Tab wird geöffnet.

CTRL+W: Der aktuelle Tab wird geschlossen.

CTRL+Shift+T: Der zuletzt geschlossene Tab wird wieder geöffnet.

CTRL+Tab: Wechseln zwischen offenen Tabs.

Alt+Pfeil links/rechts: Im Browser-Verlauf eine Seite zurück/vor gehen.

CTRL+F: Suche innerhalb einer Website

CTRL+U: Quellcode der Website wird angezeigt.

CTRL+Plus-Taste: Erhöht die Schriftgrösse.

CTRL+Minus-Taste: Die Schriftgrösse wird verkleinert.

Heart of the Faithful is the Seat of God – Bhubana Jora Ashonkhani

Heart is the seat of perception of the unseen and intuition. When purified and illuminated by faith and God’s grace, the Divine itself is reflected in it. God, in a hadith qudsi says,

 “My earth and My heaven contain Me not, but the heart of My faithful servant contains Me.” 

And the Prophet when asked: “Where is God? In earth or heaven? replied: “In the hearts of His believing creatures.”

A particular section of the Qur’an that speaks in parable the grandeur of the Divine Throne is known as Ayat al-Qursi, Signs of the Divine Seat and it speaks of the Divine Throne in the following words:

Allahu la ilaha illa Huwa, Al-Haiyul-Qaiyum La ta’khudhuhu sinatun wa la nawm, lahu ma fis-samawati wa ma fil-‘ard Man dhal-ladhi yashfa’u ‘indahu illa bi-idhnihi Ya’lamu ma baina aidihim wa ma khalfahum, wa la yuhituna bi shai’im-min ‘ilmihi illa bima sha’a Wasi’a kursiyuhus-samawati wal ard, wa la ya’uduhu hifdhuhuma Wa Huwal ‘Aliyul-Adheem
Literal Translation: God! There is no deity but He, the Living, the Self-subsisting, the Eternal. No slumber can seize Him, nor sleep. All things in heaven and earth are His. Who could intercede in His presence without His permission? He knows what appears in front of and behind His creatures. Nor can they encompass any knowledge of Him except what he wills. His throne extends over the heavens and the earth, and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them, for He is the Highest and Most Exalted. [Surah al-Baqarah 2: 255]
Meditative Translation by Lex Hixon:

There exists only One Supreme Source, One inexhaustible Power calling Itself Allah, the Profoundly Living One, the Life beyond time that never diminishes. The One Reality never unconscious, nor even for a moment rests Its embracing Awareness. To the One alone belongs the emanation of planetary existence and all beings.

There is no being who can turn toward the Ever Present Source in prayer or contemplation except through the Power and Love that flows from the Source Itself.

The Ultimate Source abiding beyond time, always remains perfect aware of what causes precede and what results follow from each event. Human beings can comprehend nothing of His encompassing awareness save what Allah Most High transmit to them as gifts of Grace.

All creation, including planetary and heavenly planes, is The Brilliant Throne of Allah. To sustain and protect this vast manifestation of Divine Energy involves no effort at all for the Original Source, Who is Supremely Transcendent and Who subsists solely as Radiance.

The very Throne which extends beyond terrestrial and celestial realms and encompassing all that is, in a moving and beautiful prayerful song by Tagore, he invokes God to place the seat of His Glorious Throne in the very heart of our human existence.

Qulubul Mumneena Arshullah …the Qalb of a Mumin, or Heart of the Faithful – is the seat of God’s Throne

In the Islamic tradition it is transmitted as shared in the beginning of this post that God can not be found in earth or in heavens but only within the heart of His faithful servants. And the following song is a beautiful supplication towards that very goal.

ভুবনজোড়া আসনখানি
আমার হৃদয়-মাঝে বিছাও আনি।

রাতের তারা, দিনের রবি, আঁধার আলোর সকল ছবি,
তোমার আকাশ ভরা সকল বাণী –
আমার হৃদয়-মাঝে বিছাও আনি।
ভূবনবীনার সকল সুরে
আমার হৃদয় পরান দাও-না পূরে।

দুঃখসুখের সকল হরষ, ফুলের পরশ, ঝড়ের পরশ –
তোমার করুণ শুভ উদার পাণি
আমার হৃদয় মাঝে দিক্ না আনি।

May the Divine Throne encompassing the heaven and earth
be placed within my heart of heart.
The starry nights, the glorious sun,
all the enchanting scenes of nights and days
and all of your celestial messages
be placed within my heart.
May all the tunes of the earthly harp
be filled within this heart and soul
All the ecstasy of pain and happiness
touches of flowers and stormy weathers
of this human existence –
May Your Hand of compassion and generosity
brings into my heart of heart.

Original lyrics in Bangla (Geeta Bitan) by Rabindranath Tagore, written in 1916 at Tosamaru, China Sea. Translated from Bangla to English by Sadiq Alam, 2017 at Mirpur, Dhaka.


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How Do You Measure Spiritual Growth and Other Amazing Questions Answered by Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch is the author of Conversations with God, a phenomenal book by a remarkable man who wrote this book from his direct experience and transformational inspiration.

Neale Donald Walsh was interviewed by Vishen Lakhiani, an entrepreneur, author, and founder of Mindvalley. Vishen himself is also a very inspirational figure and thus the interview had great energy and it was conducted on Facebook Live and close to thousand of people tuned in. During the interview, Vishen invited audience to post question to Neale and the way he answered them were very profound and I am moved to share this interview here as an embed video.

I have transcribed only the questions and the beginning of the answers from Neale, but you have to listen to him and in full to dive deep into them. Click on the video below to play and listen to Neale.

What is the biggest advice you can give us to change our lives?

THAT YOUR LIFE IS NOT ABOUT YOU.. Embrace the awareness and use it as a tool, their consciousness that your life is not about you… That your life is about everyone else whose life you touch and the way in which you touch it…

How do you create the most powerful reality based on your principles?

By living the principles. People tend to think that manifestation is about a process where we either use affirmation as our vizualizations or guided imagery or some sort of mental process that somehow produces an outcome in our exterior reality that can work but I can say in my experience that its the long way around the Robin-hood’s barn. It can get you there, but its the long way. The shortcut that I’ve discovered is by being, that is STEPPING INTO THE BEING OF THAT WHICH YOU WISH TO MANIFEST.

The magic of manifestation is the UNDERSTANDING that which you wish to manifest YOU ALREADY HAVE, you simply don’t know it. But stepping into the being of it brings you a direct experience of the having of it.. we live in an illusory world and it looks to people that they don’t have what they wish to manifest, that is the great illusion. Our opportunity is to break through that illusion, not only in our own lives but to help others break through that illusion in their lives as well.

How do you step into that being?

Its an act of will, an act of faith, its an act of knowing… You step into your own story, but first we have to have an idea what that story is… The purpose of life in Conversations with God says is to recreate ourselves anew in the next golden moment of now, in the next grandest version of the greatest vision we ever held about who we are.

The problem is most people have never held a vision of that. They don’t know who they are much less have they sat down and actually written out that vision.

So the tool is this, take out a pad of paper and pencil and do this in writing, not electronically, but do it on paper. Write down in a piece of paper in one short paragraph MY VISION OF WHO I AM, THE NEXT GRANDEST VERSION OF THE GREATEST VISION I EVER HELD ABOUT WHO I AM. This is who I am. And write it out specifically and then step into that story.

But the reason people can’t step into their story is that they don’t know what their story is. They think their story is what happened to them yesterday and when they were five, when they were nine, when they were twelve, and when mommy left or when daddy died or whatever. Not making light of those tragedies but thats not who you are.

So we have to step into a story that we have written for ourselves and BECOME THE AUTHOR OF YOUR OWN HIGHEST TRUTH and then step into it.

Some time people are reluctant to do that, let alone share it publicly with others because it sounds almost self aggrandizing, almost self-serving. And you know what, it is self-serving. You are giving yourself a service of your self the greatest feast you could ever ask for and GOD ASKS YOU TO DO THAT. GOD SAYS TO US, TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF, TELL ME THE GREATEST THOUGHT YOU EVER HAD ABOUT YOU!

How do you measure spiritual growth?

By how little you need. By how little you imagine yourself to require to be totally perfectly and wonderfully joyous happy fulfilling and to be the source.

You measure your spiritual growth by how few negative thoughts pass through your mind. A person who is spiritually awake never has another negative thought, They never have another moment of inner desire for something they think without which they can’t be happy. We measure our spiritual growth by how much of our life is turned towards the real purpose and the real agenda of the soul.

Life is not about get the guy, get the girl, get the car, get the job, get the house, get the better car, get the better job, get the better house, get the spouse, get the better spouse, get the better spouse, get the better spouse, get the kids. get the grand kids, get the office in the corner with the name on the door, get the big business, you know successful, and finally get the grey hair, get the sickness and get the hell out.

That’s not what the life is about. So you can measure your spiritual growth by noticing the distance you have placed between the you you are today and all those things I’ve just mentioned.

And by measuring how little it takes.

You want to know how to measure your spiritual growth and your spiritual evolution and your spiritual advancement?

You can measure your spiritual growth by noticing how little it takes for you to be happy. WHEN YOUR HAPPINESS EXPANDS IN REVERSE PROPORTION OF WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE YOU HAPPY, see it takes nothing to be happy, then you become the source of happiness and joy and wonder and peace and prosperity and love in the lives of everyone else. Because you no longer need all this stuff you thought you needed in order to be happy.

I notice that less and less every day is required by me, to be the thing I call joyous peaceful and happy.

So there is a direct inverse ratio, little is needed, much is available to us to give to others.

How little is necessary, how little does it take, what little does it take for me to be totally happy, totally joyous, totally fulfilled and totally one with everything.

Other amazing questions discussed in this interviews are:

Is there anything like a karma, do we pay our mistakes in previous live in this one, or this is only what people believe to make themselves calm?
Which of the 10 human myths as described in Communion with God do you think humans struggle most with right now?
In our current world with the chaos that is happening, what can we do to ensure that the earth that we leave to our kids is better than the earth that we inherited?

THE INTERVIEW: Neale Donald Walsch – Live 2017

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And Fasting is Better for you, if only you Knew

Fasting is the first principle of medicine;
Fast and see the strength of the spirit reveal itself.
~ Rumi

The medical benefit of fasting is superb. Unfortunately these health benefits are not well circulated among general people. I came across this greatly shared short video titled, “Longevity & Why I now eat one meal a day” which covers a lot of knowledge and wisdom on Fasting and its health benefit and longevity. It reminds me of the Divine wisdom shared in the Qur’an where God says, “And fasting is better for you, if only you knew.”

The video starts by asking a very valid question, “HOW DID EATING GET SO COMPLICATED?” The convention wisdom or culture around food and our eating habit has gotten to a very unhealthy and ignorant state.

Our biology was not designed for 3 meal a day diet. The environment would have chosen our diet, rather than us. The way we developed our food habit has mostly to do with culture and partly western colonialist culture who tried to prove themselves more civilized when they found indigenous people were eating whenever they were hungry.

We know from Islamic tradition that eating only when hungry was not uncivilized but a sure recipe for a healthy body. But when European settlers arrived in North America, then the 3 meal diet was invented. The author argues that one meal a day is much healthier and natural for many good reasons, and yes for many good scientific and biologically valid reason.

Reducing caloric intake is directly proportional to longevity or lifespan and its been tested on other organism by scientists. And it is consistent with the Metaphysical reality of Rizq or Sustenance – that is to say, Our Rizq or Sustenance is fixed and if we use it slowly, we will live longer and those who use it up faster end up dying faster.

Aging in essence is a result of cumulative damage to our DNA. Fasting stimulates particular protein which are directly responsible for DNA repair. One of the great benefit is that fasting promote the growth of new neurons in our brain. Thus fasting is linked to the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

So what we can learn from this video? BioMed tells us that our modern day unnatural habit of constantly consuming Carbohydrates to maintain blood glucose is not only unnecessary but can be detrimental and vicious cycle (look at the rise of diabetics in our societies). EAT ONLY WHEN YOU NEED TO, NOT WHEN THE CLOCK SAYS. FAST WHEN YOU CAN. The benefit of intermittent fasting and long term benefit of fasting for our health and body is one of the best piece of knowledge we can benefit from if we practice.

If we can not regularly practice fasting or one meal a day diet, we can at least do that for one straight month or forty days if we like. Thanks God in Islam this model is practiced in Ramadan.

Fast for a specific number of days, but if one of you is ill, or travelling, on other days later. For those who can fast only with extreme difficulty, there is a way to compensate- feed a needy person. But he that will give more, of his own free will,- it is better for him, and fasting is better for you, if only you knew.

~ The Qur’an 2:184

Muslims around the world have forgotten the wisdom of fasting, they dont even fast as it is commanded in the Qur’an in most Muslim majority countries which is to fast until the Night (not until sunset). In Bangladesh where I live, if I fast until night this year, I fast exactly about 16 hours, the most optimum time medically and biologically speaking. That’s how the Divine instruction is.

.. Complete the fast until nightfall. ~ Qur’an 2:187

If we fast until night, we actually fast with one meal where we eat straight dinner in breaking the fast. Just before dawn there should be a very light meal and water. This way what happened culturally within Muslim society, like all kind of unhealthy food at the sunset (contrary to Qur’an instruction of completing fast until night) and then again another big meal shortly after that – can be reversed and we can move to more healthier and natural way.

Deen, the Divine Prescribed Way of Life is all about aligning in what is the most Natural, how we are Designed, our Fitrah, our Divine Blueprint.

Interesting Qur’an says about fasting, “Fasting is better for you, if only you knew.” The “if only knew” part draws our attention to the fact that it may seem contrary but if studied carefully our biology, how our body works – surely fasting would prove much much superior.

And this video really does.

There are many more such exposition to the benefit of Intermittent Fasting is available in public domain to explore and expand our knowledge. Click here to see a list of available videos on Youtube about Intermittent Fasting.

May your have a blessed and healthy Fasting in this month of Ramadan.