The Illusion of Need – Wisdom Sharing by Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch explains the illusion of need and much more. A recommended interview to watch. May the wisdom spoken through this interview permeate us.

The take away points from the interviews:

1. Need is an Illusion. We already have everything we need by the grace of God.

2. Failure is an Illusion, it doesn’t exist. The so called failure is only a way to move forward and to learn and to enrich our life. Every benefit is a gift from God.

3. The only lack we may experience as individual is because human species have not learned yet how to share. There are enough given to us on this earth for everyone to have enough food, enough shelter and enough everything. On the planetary level lack is an illusion. Insufficiency is still an illusion. In the individual level lack can be experienced, but it is due to our inability to practice love and care for each other. Because of our immaturity in a sense.

4. In the grand scale of the earth’s existence (let alone the cosmos), we human beings are a very very young, almost like an infant species if we consider our age on the planet. We have long way to grow as a species.

If we took the age of the earth and for the purpose of scale if it were laid on a calendar of scale of 1 year or 12 months, the first form of life, the most simplistic form didn’t appear until the end of February or early March, more sophisticated forms of life like fishes in the sea, birds in the sky didn’t appear until November, Dinosaur didn’t appear on that scale not until December 8th, Dinosaur’s didn’t live until December 25th (on this scale). Humanoids or mammals who walked on two legs didn’t appear until December 31st, human beings didn’t appear until quarter past 11pm on the eve of 31st December. The entirety of human history, all of our recorded history took place in the last 60 seconds of that year. That’s how young we are as species, relative to the age of the earth!

I hope you will enjoy the interview of Neale below.

Interview credit via Youtube

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